FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Benefit of LoveMeansValue and the Rules? (Benefit)
The Rules merge motivation and communication in a surprisingly simple approach to ensure successful action. They provide reliabilty. They save time and resources. The Rules we share with other make us part of a community. – The Rules are self-rewarding. To know them means to use them.

On a personal as well as on a professional level there’s less stress and there is better cooperation. In the company there’s a better working atmosphere, more time to work effectively, less time for cat fights and office feuds, better motivation, better communicaion, less mistakes and waste and finally a better operational results.

So what’s your Unique Selling Proposition? (USP)
Since 1991 René Scholz researches, employs and conveys LoveMeansValue as a set of business and social studies. Their Rules tell us all we ever wanted to know about how to deal with people. Including yourself. He conducts all events personally. You’ll meet the source. – LoveMeansValue is independant. Our loyalty and dedication is with our clients.

Economically successful and morally sound the Rules serve all those who want to serve economic and social goals. The Rules add up motivation and communiction to result in successful action.

Those who employ the Rules as well as those who experience the Rules benefit. Therefore the Rules are self-rewarding. The Rules are ubiquitous directives, provided by nature to serve our economic, social and personall survival. There is no need to twist or warp ourselves as the Rules are quite natural.

There is no secret. No one has to qualify step by step for this knowledge. We share it. We give straight answers. Just ask and we’ll provide answers as soon as today.

LoveMeansValue – Isn’t that a misleading title?
No, not quite. Who ever satisfies our need for community (“Love”), opportunity (“Means”) and explanations in life (“Value”) will receive from us what ever we can give and do for
him of her. This degree of motivation can’t be created by any other approach. Our three cultural needs – Love, Means and Value – constitue a unique cost/benefit ration not only
to business but to each and every individual. Famous “misleading” names are microsoft who are quite big and not “micro” and adobe, who are certainly worth more than a “sun dried mud brick“. „Marlborogh“ though is rather macabre denoting Merlin’s burial mound.

Background – Which background serves the Rules?
Results by psychologist Abraham H. Maslow („Motivation and Personality“), neurophysiologist Paul D. MacLean („Triune Brain“) and anthropologist Ralf W. Schirm („Struktogramm“) add up to strategic and pragmatic Rules. The oldest, larges and most successful companies as wellas successful – and happy – personalities use these Rules. The book „Liebe Macht Sinn“ was first published in 1999 by René Scholz. The 3rd editon is now availabe..

Die „Dritte Kraft“
Inwieferen LiebeMachtSinn und die sich daraus ergebenden Spielregeln eine Weiterführung der Humanistischen Psychologie (Maslow, Fromm, Frankl) als „Dritte Kraft“ darstellt, möge das kritische Umfeld beurteilen. Die wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Vorteile sind sofort nutzbar.

The „Secret“  – How do the Rules work?
There is no secret. Whoever serves the others’ need for Love, Means and Value will in return receive Love, Means and Value. This is the general definition of economics as the economy serves our needs..

René Scholz Personality Management – Why this name?
Personality sums up the Rules we apply as an individual.

What could be my my contribution?
LoveMeansValue is a set of open business and social studies. Join the discussion with your critique, your comment and your ideas. Your life, your choice: Make the difference. And do it now.