The Rules of How to Find and Retain Customers

How to Find and Retain Customers

The Benefit
Find new customers today and retain them for a long time: Now, you are a nice person and  your product is great. This is exactly what your customer needs to know. Right from the very first moment up to dealing with a regular customer he or she may never feel alone, lost or let done as the customer decides on a daily basis over our fate and future.

Our need for community,  “Love” in a wider sense, never to be left alone is the strongest economical motivation we have. The regular customer, trade mark management and corporate image all come down to this first, one and only factor: „Love menas Value”.
Or is it kitch? You may well ask Bill Gates, Elon Musk and other business leaders.

The Content
The Workshop conveys Rules of Personal Marketing and Customer Management from the first conversation to up to strategic measures. The Rules rule right from minute one.

Examples, Exercises and Case Studies
Which needs of your customers haven’t you address so far? How to deal with them? We use examples, exercises and case studies to show you what you can do.

The Workshop
This workshop is held takes at a place of your choice or  ****(*) hotel. Ample written material is available. Please inquire for further information.