WORKSHOP – The Rules of Leadership and Cooperation
Not only trained managers, but also engineers and other academics fill management positions due to their advanced skills in solving complicated problems. This workshop will assist you to familiarize yourself with the Rules at the man/man interface and it will make you a truly better manager as we provide the knowledge and the skills regarding all we need to know about how to deal with people – including ourself. Mehr

WORKSHOP –  The Rules of Stress Prevention
The Rules deplete or prevent stress. Usually stress is being caused by others and conveyed to us. Stress occurs as Love and Means and Value loom to be taken away from us. Simply stop that bizarre game even before stress is able to develop. Mehr

WORKSHOP – The Rules of How to Find and Retain Customers
Find new customers today and retain them for a long time: Now, you are a nice person and  your product is great. This is exactly what your customer needs to know. Mehr

WORKSHOP – The Rules of Organization uand Time Management
There is a place for everything. And any job got its time. The Rules answer all questions regarding organzation and time management. Mehr

All topics are availbe as Workshops, Lectures, Consultancy and Project Assignments. Please feel free to ask for further information. Thank you.