Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Management is concerned about decision making. Customers decide to buy, colleagues decide to cooperate and eventually everybody decides in our favour – as long as we stick to the Rules.

LoveMeansValue is the Mother of of Behavioral Economics. She provides all we want to know regarding successful action at the man/man interface or simply better conduct and cooperation. All decisions are based on the Rules. We research, phrase and convey the Rules. Scientifically sound, economically reliable, socially balanced and morally sound they serve us as well as any person we deal with (!). Hence, we master any situation.

Fast decision making is often erroneous. Due to Daniel Kahneman *) better decisions,
and better management, do need more input and, hence, more time. This is the Rule: „Take your time.“ We object to the false doctrine of “Saving time all the time” at the man/man interface, i. e. whenever we talk to people. We can reach out for anybody and we can achieve almost anything provided we take the time.**)



*) Daniel Kahneman (*1934 , Nobelprize 2002) using results from his cooperation with Amos Tvesky (1937 – 1996) explains phenomena of our decicion making in Thinking Fast and Slow

**) A good example for the usefulness of the Rules is German for Managers. Regular customers, trade mark management and product personality provide more examples.